684 S2 2 way Floorstanding Loudspeaker



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Martins Hi-Fi
85 - 91 Ber Street
NR1 3EY Norwich
Great Britain
01603 627010
  • BUW-5B45EF6775523
Very good, ex demonstration. more
Product information "684 S2 2 way Floorstanding Loudspeaker"

Very good, ex demonstration.

x7338x Overview
Color: Black Ash
Serie: 600 Series 2
Serialnumber 1: 0003255
Serialnumber 2: 0003256
Accessories: Fully boxed, with all accessories
Activated Since: 02-2014
Initial Purchase:
Origin: Demo Product
Defects exists: No
Accessories exists: Yes
Delivery with Install: Yes
Delivery possible: Yes
Funding possible: No
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