How it works has been set up by B&W Group Ltd to allow its authorised dealers to promote their used and second hand products and to allow customers to find them easily. 

While these listings are moderated, Bowers & Wilkins takes no responsibility for the accuracy of the listing details, photographs or description of products on this site. Any concerns in this regard should be addressed to the dealer.  

To help you find the right audio equipment for your needs, these are browsable and searchable by brand and model.

Once you find a product you are interested in, the Authorised dealers’ details are shown on the product page so you can make contact directly and arrange an audition, find out more or arrange to purchase.

As a shopper, there is no need to create an account (accounts are required for advertisers only), and there is no transaction completed online. We recommend that you call the dealer as a first action, to check they still have the item (just in case it has just sold and the item has not yet been removed).

B&W Group Ltd is not involved in transactions, it provides this website to facilitate the product listings only. Should you decide to purchase the product then your transaction and therefore contract is with the dealer.